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Need a keynote for your upcoming event?

I have had the pleasure of speaking at a variety of events and venues. Whether it's an organization like the Central Illinois Communication Association or the Illinois Wesleyan Council for Women, I bring energy, excitement--but most of all, expertise.


It would be my pleasure to speak at your upcoming event. 


Blogging for Beginners

Blogging is one of the most powerful forms of modern communication, used to showcase expertise and, when done right, gain the attention of industry insiders and earn you recognition as a thought leader. Learn how to get started and what tools you need to be successful and gain readership. Find your blogging niche and leave with all the necessary knowledge to begin building your platform and connecting with audiences from all over! (90 minutes)

Coaching to Captivate

A great coach can inspire a team to turn from satisfactory to outstanding. Take time to explore your personal coaching philosophy. Complete a self-assessment to learn about your leadership style. Observe and apply coaching techniques that are most effective for your type. Take away strategies that marry best leadership practices with your unique personality and current management methods. Leave equipped to motivate individuals to become dynamic and committed members of any team! (120 minutes)

Bring Your Characters to Life

Learn how to transform your characters from merely existing on the page to full, complex creations that help build your literary world. Breath creative life into your writing’s characters with this workshop (60 minutes).

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Building Your Personal Brand

Do you know who you are? What you stand for? What values you embrace? How about how you express those values? If you do, you’re in the throes of building your personal brand (though you may not know it!). Just as a company’s brand helps communicate its value to customers, a personal brand does the same for individuals, helping to communicate a unique identity and clear value to potential employers or clients. In this session, participants will learn how to build a personal brand that highlights their strengths, establishes a reputation, builds trust, and communicates unique attributes. (60 minutes)

Combatting Writer’s Block

In this session participants will learn what writer’s block is and identify the causes of it. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to explore what’s holding you back from writing, learn a variety of strategies to overcome your own personal blocks, and practice techniques to get your writing flowing again. (60 minutes)

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Query an Agent: Crafting a Letter that Sells Your Work

Discover best practices for the publishing process. Practice writing a book blurb and learn how to draft an impactful query letter to land an agent who will get your work in the hands of future readers. Understand the five essential components to include while writing your pitch. Leave ready to achieve your publishing goals. (90 minutes)

Writing Romance

Romance novels are a billion-dollar industry – and with good reason! Whether it’s a second-chance love story or the very popular enemies to lover’s trope, romantic fiction sells books and is adored by countless readers. So, why not write a romance novel of your very own? In this session, you’ll learn how to write an irresistible romance, practice writing exercises that’ll teach you how to create compelling characters and learn tips for building emotion and relationships on the printed page. (120 minutes)

Create a Social Media Strategy for your Business

Social media has evolved into a primary marketing tool for businesses. Discover just how influential this channel can be for converting leads into sales, retrieving customer data, and staying connected with your audience. Determine which platforms align best with your marketing goals and learn how to maximize their potential to best reach your target audience. Leave with the knowledge to create an intentional social media strategy through purposeful content creation and mindful scheduling habits. (60 minutes)

Getting Published

Achieve your dreams of becoming a published author! Discover the ins and outs of the publishing process in this session. Investigate the pros and cons of self-publishing versus the traditional route. Gather essential tips about negotiating contracts, selling rights, and copyright issues. Walk away with the confidence and knowledge to approach agents and publishers and get them excited about your work. (120 minutes)

Effective Presentations

Having poor communication skills can hinder us in many ways. We may have difficulty maintaining relationships, getting a promotion, or becoming an active and engaged member of the community. Understanding communication and best practice public speaking tactics can provide many personal, professional and social benefits. This session will enable participants to overcome communication apprehension, understand how to adapt a message to an audience, and practice valuable delivery tactics to enhance any presentation in the workplace. (90 minutes)

High Performing Teams

Knowing how to build and sustain relationships is essential to workplace success. In this session, discover how to apply this fundamental skill to contribute to an effective professional team. Discuss the most reported dysfunctions of professional teams and brainstorm tactics for overcoming them. Investigate what it takes to balance varying personality and relationship types when working to achieve a common goal. Return to your workplace teams with meaningful insights and actionable strategies. (60 minutes)

The power of place: craft your story's setting

Deepen your writing repertoire by learning how to capture the voice and essence of any location. Write to allow your readers to effortlessly escape into the world you've created. Walk away with sharper writing skills that will help you take future readers on an authentic unforgettable journey. (90 minutes)

level up your writing

Level up your writing and learn from published author, Julie Navickas. From understanding how to “show, and not tell” in your writing to learning how to avoid passive voice, Julie will offer simple tips and tricks to enhance your writing skillset. (60 minutes)

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how to show, not tell in your writing

Engage in techniques that place your reader at the heart of your composition. Captivate your audience by "showing" what is happening, rather than telling them. Leave with a mastery of descriptive writing that will immediately enhance your work. (60 minutes)

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